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* 一維、二維或三維空間的模式
(1-, 2-, 3-Dimension Flow )

* 穩態或暫態流
(Steady or Transient)

* 單相、雙相、多相流體
(Single or Two or Multi- Phase Flow)

* 層流或紊流 
(Laminar or Turbulent Flow)

* 次音速、穿音速或超音速 
(Sub- or Tran- or Super- Sonic flow)

* 熱輻射傳遞及熱傳導與熱對流
(Radiation, Conduction, Convection)

* 燃燒化學反應
(Combustion & Chemical Reaction)

* 結構應力分析
(Structure Stress & Strain)


* 車輛、船艦、航空器與建築物等外表流場 
(Flow Around the Vehicle, Ship, Aircraft and Building)
* 拋射體的內彈道及外彈道
(Flow Around the Projectile)
* 熱交換器
(Heat Exchanger)
* 電子產品冷卻器, 氣冷與水冷效率, 與風扇特性分析功能
(Electronics Cooling, Efficiency of Air- or Water- Cooling and Fan Characteristics Analysis)
* 內燃機的燃燒、冷卻與進排器分析
(Combustion, Cooling, and Im- or Export Manifold for Internal Combustion Engin)
* 建築物中密閉或開放空間的加熱與通風或空調,包括正常情形及火場狀況
(Air-condition or Ventilation or Heating Inside the Enclosure or Opened Room of a Building, Including in Normal Condition or in Fire Hazard)
* 石油化學製程設備
(Equipment or Processing of Petroleum Chemistry)
* 金屬冶鍊過程
(Metallurgical Processes or Elcetromagnetics Stirring or Tundish Flow or Solidification in Casting)
* 各種燃燒設備
(Furnaces, Combustor, Rocket and Other Combustion Equipment)
* 核能反應與發電場設備
(Nuclear or Power Station)
* 渦輪機械
* 液壓與氣壓設備
(Liquid or Gas Pump or Cylinder)
* 大氣、湖泊河海等環境模擬
(Flow or Dispersion in Atmosphere, Lake, River or Ocean)

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